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Updated report: Residential Building Fires (2010-2012)
The U.S. Fire Administration has released an updated report on home fires. From 2010-2012, an estimated 366,900 residential building fires were annually reported to U.S. fire departments. These fires caused an estimated 2,465 deaths, 13,400 injuries and $7 billion in property loss. Download the free report from our website at

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Birthdays for December

4th Robert Hemminger - Station 5
8th Jay Ferrell - Station 8
10th Jeremy Goodhue - Station 8
11th Michael Mays - Station 3
12th Chris Green - Station 8
13th Justin Wilson - Station 5
18th Gary Williams
22nd Clif Meekins
27th Jerry Marshall - Station 8
30th Erik Rocha - Station 7
30th Michael Kainer Station 10 Managed web hosting for Fire/EMS


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